What is more fun than Kite-Surfing on Europes longest Beach!?

Kite Surfer in Montenegro

Beginning with May until September the conditions for your Kite-Surf Adventure are perfect! Its not suprising that Montenegro is allready the place to be if you are Kite-Surfer and love beeing on your board while surfing along the deep blue Ocean of the Adria.

Kite-Surfing in Montenegro

Beginner or advanced Surfer? It does’nt matter! You will find your perfect spot and the perfect surf. We work close together with the local Kite-Surf schools, and most of them are good friends. We will find the best Surf-Instructor just for you and if you don’t need one, we make sure to show you the insider Spots where the Locals surf.

Kite on the Beach

The weather during the summertime is almost perfect and the wind is one of our best friends. In Front we have the beautiful deep-blue Adria Ocean and in the back the marvellous mountains of Montenegro. Thanks to the constelation of nature, we have fantastic conditions for Kite-Surfing. And If the wind is for some reason not that strong, you just enjoy the silence and beauty of Montenegros nature.

If you looking to improve your Surf and get more balance with body and mind, find your way back to the Vagabonds House and have a session Yoga.




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