nature & magic in montenegro

Montenegro is a tressure full of magic and unseen miracles of nature!

lake in montenegro

See natures wonder and enjoy for example Lake Skadar, the second largest lake in south europe. You will find many beautiful places in Montenegro, not just beautiful for the eyes, also for the spirit and mind. Visit old monasteries or just drive along the road and wonder in silence.

holiday in montenegroBelieve your eyes and feel the healing power of Tara River Canyon, the deepest river Canyon in Europe. This magical place of nature is just a couple of hours Cardrive from our Guesthouse in Montenegro. Either you explore the nature by yourself, or be guided by one of the family members in Vagabondshouse.

sunset in montenegro

At the end of the day, find your way to the beach and watch the stunning sunset. For the full experience of nature itself, we also offer guided meditation or yoga classes at the beach. This is where you let go of your stres and immerse 100% into the nature of Montenegro.

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